Meet Rejuva Health’s New Pattern: Camo

Meet Rejuva Health’s New Pattern: Camo

Quirky camo coming your way! Rejuva Health is adding fun patterns to the lineup this year.

Since our launch in December 2010, we've provided you with a variety of colorful and fashion-forward compression stockings. Now, we're spicing up the collection with a new generation of patterned products, and it all starts with our Camo RejuvaSocks®.        

Decked out in camouflage print, we've combined special features like a wide toe box for extra wiggle room and the cushioned feel of a sport sock into our Camo RejuvaSocks® and we hope you’re thrilled with the result.

As you can see this new pattern is different, fun, and very versatile! Featuring a dark green option for blending in and a hot pink one for standing out, these camouflage compression socks are perfect for flight, travel, athletic recovery, spider veins, pregnancy, and more.

The Camo RejuvaSocks® come in a 15-20 mmHg support level.