New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 Runway

New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 Runway

New York Fashion Week Spring 2013 Runway

Happy New Year! - of fashion that is. New York Fashion Week has once again provided us with a telescopic view into the spectacular world of art as brilliant designers show their Spring 2013 Collections on the runway.  

Through texture, beauty, and design, these artists were able to turn imagination into reality, allowing us to live amongst a dream through what we wear.  If you were unable to keep up with the shows, we've selected a few unforgettable designers who made the cut onto our superlatives list.  

MOST ORIGINAL Betsey Johnson

Let's face it.  This is definitely a "you had to have been there" moment with a production like none other.  From baby strollers to flippers, Betsey Johnson's collection is absolutely entertaining and completely nuts but for any typical party girl it was to die for…wait, was that a pig?

BEST ALL-AROUND Diane Von Furstenburg

From mini-skirts to mumus, DVF has a little bit for everyone in this seasons' collection.  As a continuous top runner in textile design and styling, DVF refuses to disappoint with a display of incredible patterns and vibrant colors. She continues to remain conscious to the world around her, making every piece original yet wearable for women of all ages.


Intricacy and detail are the main ingredients to this beautiful collection by Altuzarra.  With an intuitive inspiration of travel and an artistry for draping, the collection turned more and more heads as each additional piece made it's way down the runway.  Did I mention the shoes?

CHiC-EST Alexander Wang

If there's any possibility of it being day and night at the same time, this is it.  Alexander Wang displays a sense of architecture with intricate designs and fierce style. This collection makes the colors black and white look interesting, creating an entire city within each piece of clothing.


Describing the entire cast of Game of Thrones front row at an Axel Rose concert that takes place in space is the best way to summarize this collection.  Rodarte's unconventional designs and proportions will surely make this collection at the top of any "It" girls list.


Anna Sui once again manages to combine the unlikely.  As usual, she found inspiration in her Asian routes and managed to mix that with a punk rock meets Taylor Swift.  She does a spectacular job at using leg wear as an essential accessory within her collection.  Hmm...I’m thinking the new RejuvaHealth compression leggings would go great with that outfit!


This collection is an effortless array of fine china sculpted into lovely silhouettes.  Thakoon brings a beautiful nostalgia into each garment, reminding us how much we used to enjoy that cup of tea at our sweet great aunt’s house.  It’s feminine and light, making it a perfect addition to our spring 2013 wardrobe.


BEST IN SHOW Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler’s edgy collection takes us to a new extreme: techno.  With its wild colors, cutouts and corners, we get a mild glimpse into the future of fashion and society.  Once again, this jazzy design duo doesn’t disappoint.

When incorporating your compression legwear into your outfit, allow it to make a statement of both function and fashion.  Let yourself become inspired, not only by what you see on the runway but in the world around you.  It takes more than just your eyes find inspiration; it takes emotion and feeling.  Be confident in yourself to never again say “I can’t pull that off” because of your compression legwear, because you can.  You are the artist.

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