Sports Compression Garments for Any Workout

Sports Compression Garments for Any Workout

Sports Compression Garments for Any Workout

Motivation is crucial to any workout; although sometimes, it takes more than just personal dedication to get you to the gym. Give yourself the extra boost by dressing for the occasion. 

It’s like the first day of school; the only reason you ever looked forward to it was because of the new, perfectly planned outfit hanging in your closet. Use this tactic for your workout. Listed below are some of our favorite workouts paired with the perfect sports compression garment.


Ballet Barre

Barre classes are great for sculpting your entire body. It uniquely combines multiple series of pliés (French for bending and straightening of the knees), stretches and core training with the use of graceful arm movements and pronounced posture. If you attend a class, you’ll typically see everyone dressed in some style of legging. 

The Solidea Silver Wave Corsaro Shaping Capri provides the majority of your upper leg with compression support, while allowing your feet and calves to be exposed for a free range of exercise. Its micro-massaging fabric will help boost circulation and temporarily reduces the appearance of cellulite. 


It’s the exercise of the mind, body and spirit---a practice that allows you to find serenity in your surroundings while escaping to a world of total relaxation.  Those who practice yoga on a regular basis are known for being more patient, less temperamental, and more present in everyday life. Focused on breathing, balance, flexibility and strength, yoga not only helps with deep strengthening, but also helps with relaxation. With a dedication to this lifestyle and workout, you will grow leaner, healthier and happier. 

The RejuvaHealth Casual Seamless Leggings will provide compression while slimming the waist, thighs and calves.


Need to clear your thoughts? Jogging is the perfect excuse to do so. There’s something about the rhythmic sounds of your breath along with the thrashing ponder of your feet hitting the concrete with each step. So let’s say you weren’t “born a runner”…well, nobody is. It will take a large amount of effort to achieve distance. Based on experience, you don’t want to kill yourself in the process or you will end up hating it. Build your endurance with baby steps at first and then work your way up. Sign up for a 5K towards the beginning of the New Year and let that be your goal. You will be surprised at what you achieve. 

Most runners are frequent wearers of compression garments. CEP The Run Compression Calf Sleeves are designed to keep pushing you forward on your runs and provides graduated compression from the ankle to calf.


CrossFit is a fun, fast-paced exercise for those who want total body toning. This exercise focuses on replacing body fat with muscle in a series of dynamic weight lifting exercises. Let’s be honest, Crossfit isn’t for sissies. It will be a challenge and you will go to bed with aching muscles. I know what you’re thinking---who wants that, right? But, with time, you will learn to love that feeling. After a months end, you will see and feel definite results. 

The Solidea Silver Wave Shorts are a great match for Crossfit workouts. These shorts provide extra benefits with graduated compression and special massaging knit fabric to ease sore muscles. Plus, the short length is great for warmer months. 

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