RejuvaHealth to Offer its Health-Conscious Hosiery on QVC

RejuvaHealth to Offer its Health-Conscious Hosiery on QVC

RejuvaHealth to Offer its Health-Conscious Hosiery on QVC

(Lake Forest, CA – March 1, 2012) – RejuvaHealth, a company specializing in fashionable alternatives to traditional medical compression stockings, today announced they will be featuring six items from their latest line of patterned support tights on QVC next week. The innovative new collection of support hosiery is designed for health-conscious women of all ages and is aimed at providing benefits beyond those offered by traditional socks and pantyhose. 

Company founder, Kelsey Minarik, is scheduled to debut light support variations of their patterned compression knee highs (QVC Item # A219628) & pantyhose (QVC Item #A219629) during the “Anything Goes with Rick & Shawn” show on QVC March 6 at 10PM (EST). QVC customers will have the opportunity to choose from three fun patterns, including a  “Sheer Floral,” “Sheer Dot,” and “Opaque Diamond” in sizes small through x-large during the airing. In addition, the new collection of RejuvaHealth support tights will be available on the company’s e-store at

Unlike normal fashion hosiery, RejuvaHealth’s tights are FDA-listed Medical Support Stockings containing graduated compression. Graduated compression can help mediate leg discomfort, reduce feelings of heaviness and tiredness in the legs, relieve leg swelling, energize legs, and combat occupational swelling & fatigue occurring from prolonged sitting or standing. The stockings are ideal for anyone seeking relief from these conditions and also provide a playful alternative to support styles offered by other companies.

Minarik was inspired to design the style-conscious support tights after being diagnosed with a leg condition for which her doctor recommended their use. Seeking relief, she began using the garments and immediately fell in love with the benefits they provided. “Initially after seeing how effectively the garments worked for me, I couldn’t believe more women didn’t know about these ‘super stockings’ and take advantage of their powerful benefits,” says Minarik. “I learned later that appearance was the product’s major downfall. Most compression stockings are only available in opaque, beige, or orthopedic looking styles,” she explains.

Determined to overcome this dilemma but unable to find anything on the existing market to satisfy her search for both fashion & function, Minarik developed her own. She launched the company’s debut line in December of 2010 and has continued to expand the brand’s offerings via additional product development in the year since. “Our stockings are ideal for the on-the-go woman who wants accessories that work as hard as she does. Why wear normal stockings, when you can wear tights that flatter your figure, complete your outfit, and renew your legs too?” quotes Minarik.   “I’m thrilled that we can now offer these many benefits to customers of QVC.”

RejuvaHealth, LLC is a California-based company specializing in the design of fashionable alternatives to traditional medical compression stockings. Their products are offered in three styles: knee high, thigh high, and pantyhose as well as 2 different compression levels: 15-20 mmHg (mild support) & 20-30 mmHg (moderate support). For more information and to order products, visit or call 877-7-REJUVA.  


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