Walk 22 miles in my socks – a long distance walker’s perspective on compression socks.

Walk 22 miles in my socks – a long distance walker’s perspective on compression socks.

Walk 22 miles in my socks – a long distance walker’s perspective on compression socks.
Walking is a great form of exercise. It is low impact, can increase cardiovascular fitness, strengthen your bones, reduce excess body fat, and decrease your risk of things like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis as well as some cancers. Whether you are gearing up to stroll your neighborhood, hit some local trails, or partaking in a long-distance walk for charity, you need to have the right footwear. In this case we are talking socks. Yes, having the right shoes is incredibly important, but the socks you wear are just as valuable. Knee-high compression socks are a great go to for any of these activities, not only will they keep your blood circulating, but they will also assist in a shorter recovery time when you’ve reached your destination and are ready to kick your feet up. You may be saying, I want to wear compression socks but it’s too hot out for knee high socks. What is a girl to do? Wear short, low cut or no-show compression socks! That is what one such friend of RejuvaHealth did as she and three friends embarked on a 22-mile walk. Just for the heck of it! Read on to hear their story!
Sacramento to Folsom

In January 2021, after feeling cooped up, bored and needing some sort of activity to take their minds off the Pandemic, Kara and three friends challenged themselves to walk from Sacramento, California to Folsom using trails. This 22-mile adventure was an intimidating feat but gave them something to focus on and a challenge they could safely do outdoors together.

Their first training session was 6 miles, and every Saturday after that, they increased their distance by 2 miles. In addition, they changed the location of their trail each weekend. Kara said, “We, quite literally, walked all over the greater Sacramento area, Elk Grove, Davis, Lake Natoma, and more. We did smaller walks on our own during the week to train, but always did the long-distance treks as a group. It pushed us mentally and physically, but it was such a blessing to have something to focus on, and train for, during this global pandemic. Probably the biggest challenge is the toll it takes on your feet, which is why having the perfect footwear, shoes and socks was pivotal.”

In mid-March, it was time to go for their goal. On a gorgeous day with water and snacks packed, they were ready to set out for Folsom. A few hours later (okay, 6-7 hours later), they reached their destination. They shared a celebratory beverage and enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment that comes with completing what they trained the past two and a half months for. Now, Kara is ready to set a new goal and challenge herself in a new way. It might be hiking next, but she will definitely be wearing her CEP No Show Socks.

Read on to learn more about Kara and her experience wearing compression socks on her long-distance journey.

Q: Tell me about yourself (profession, hobbies, interests)
A: I am 43 years old, living just outside of downtown Sacramento, CA.
I work as an Administrative Assistant for a Community College District in Sacramento California. I enjoy my job and the educational opportunities we provide students who might not otherwise have them.
I love being outdoors. One thing I feel spoiled with living in Sacramento is not only the luxury of being able to enjoy the outdoors year-round, but also having a landscape that offers a variety of outdoor activities. Sacramento is an hour and a half from the mountains, the pacific coastline, and San Francisco. I have an abundance of walking/hiking trails at my feet that vary in distance, elevation and terrain.

Q: What is a typical workday like for you?
A: I am currently still working remote, so my entire workday is spent at a small desk, in front of my laptop computer in my one-bedroom apartment.

Q: How much of your day do you spend sitting? Standing?
A: I would say the majority of my nine-hour workday is spent sitting. I make an effort to go for a walk or get a brief change of scenery about every 2-3 hours.
I used to be a frequent gym goer, but once Covid-19 hit, not only did the gym close, but I felt like it was time to utilize the outdoors, not only for budget reasons, but mainly for safety. That being said, I make sure to get a 3-5-mile walk in the evening at least 5 days a week. I will also try and add in some yoga and/or strength training in as well.

Q: Have you worn compression before?
A: I have not. This was my first experience.

Q: How do your legs and feet feel after a typical day not wearing compression?
A: Tight is the first word to come to mind.

Q: How did your legs feel after wearing compression socks for a day?
A: My legs felt great. To keep my walking and hiking hobbies consistent, keeping my feet healthy and happy is extremely important. I have high arches and I loved the way the socks hugged my arches and provided the support that I needed. The solid support eased tension in my calves which made movement more fluid and my recovery less painful. Also, moisture wicking is a must and these socks followed through with that promise!

Q: What did you think of the socks overall (ie: comfort, ease of putting on, style/fashionableness)?
A: I have to be honest, when I think of compression socks, I think about the knee-high ones my dad wears to improve his circulation. I didn't know they made a compression runners sock and I love it. They were super easy to slide on, moisture wicking, comfortable, stylish, and improved the quality of my workout.

The socks Kara wore are the CEP No Show Socks 3.0 in Mint/Grey.

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