The Perfect Fit For Everybody and Every Body

The Perfect Fit For Everybody and Every Body

The Perfect Fit For Everybody and Every Body

Most socks are one size fits all, but when it comes to compression socks, stockings and leggings, size is very important. Having the right size ensures that you are getting accurate compression where you need it. If what you are wearing is too small, it will be too tight and could cut circulation off. If it is too big, it will be too loose and won’t provide accurate compression, if any. Before ordering, be sure to consult the size chart on the product page. When measuring, take your measurements first thing in the morning before any swelling has the opportunity to occur. Believe it or not, we all swell throughout the day so measuring first thing provides the most accurate measurements. If you are ordering from different brands make sure to double check your size with the size chart as sizes vary by brand.

For those who are petite or have large calves, finding the right size in compression socks can take a bit of leg work. Again, size is important, you don’t want the socks to be too long and be pulled up too high. Knee high compression socks and stockings should always sit the width of two fingers below the bend in your knee. Just because you can pull them up to the bend in your knee or above your knee does not mean you should. This can be dangerous and create a tourniquet effect. The same goes for those who have wide calves and are not wearing a sock that can accommodate their calf. It can be too tight and can cause serious health issues. The good news is manufacturers make options for both petite and wide calf so there is a compression sock for everybody and every body.

How do you know if you need a petite length or a wide calf option? If your lower leg measures less than 16” from the floor to the bend in your knee, you need a petite compression sock. A circumference of greater than 16” is generally considered “wide calf” but it can vary by brand so be sure to measure to ensure you are getting the right size for accurate compression.

RejuvaHealth carries a wide variety of petite length options, from pantyhose (including maternity options), thigh highs and knee highs. Here are some of our most popular petite length options:

Mediven Sheer & Soft Pantyhose, offers 7 sizes in petite length and 3 compression levels. They provide “unequaled sheerness” and are incredibly soft. The uncoated spandex fibers create a breathable weave to keep you cool. These are perfect for any occasion, are made in the USA and can be machine washed and dried!

One reviewer said: “These pantyhose provide sheer comfortable compression. They are long lasting and do not run easily. I wear them to work daily with a skirt or dress and heels. Thank you!”

Women in cot

Mediven also offers a Vitality Knee High stocking. With this stocking, you can choose from 7 sizes, including 7 petite sizes. With 3 different compression levels and 2 color options, there is a stocking just right for you. Vitality Knee High stockings were created with comfort in mind. The sock's top band is knit with special silicone threads to gently hold your socks in place all day. With the herringbone pattern, these are the perfect stocking for the office, dinner with the hubby, or even just lounging around the house.

A reviewer said: “Looks and feels just like a dress sock, except now my legs don't get sore after sitting in meetings all day.”

Knee High Stocking

Let’s talk about Sigvaris Opaque Plus Sized Pantyhose. This style of compression stocking comes in 6 different sizes, 2 compression levels, and 2 color options. If you are struggling to find a stocking that fits you in all the right places, don’t give up, try out a different style, just like our reviewer did! These stockings go up to a 24" calf size. The opaque style is very fashionable to wear under your favorite skirts, dresses, or even trousers.

One reviewer said: “I have been looking for a comfortable pantyhose. I tried the regular, but they were much too tight at the top of the thigh, hips & waist. I ordered this plus size even though my hips are 45'' and they are GREAT! The fabric is soft & they are easy to put on. They feel like regular opaque panty hose but are compression!"

Opaque Pantyhose

Sigvaris also offers Sheer Fashion Maternity Pantyhose. This style comes in 5 different sizes, 2 color options, and 1 compression level. However, Sigvaris offers 2 other styles of maternity pantyhose. They even offer a maternity legging style as well! The Sigvaris Sheer Fashion Maternity Pantyhose is designed to get you the support and health benefits you need from maternity compression without letting go on style and fashion! These are perfect to wear under your sundress, shorts, or even dress pants.

A reviewer said: “I ordered the maternity pantyhose because I have had bloating, and belly sensitivity to tight clothes. And they are amazing!! The compression is great and helps me stand for much longer! I’m 5”3 and they go all the way up to my chest, which feels great for how the compression works for my blood pooling! Definitely will buy again, and highly recommend anyone to buy these!" 

Maternity Pantyhose

RejuvaHealth has a large variety of products for everybody and every body to shop from. With many colors, styles, and compression levels to choose from, you are bound to find the style you are looking for that has the perfect fit.

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