Why Rock a Compression Sock?

Why Rock a Compression Sock?

Why Rock a Compression Sock?

Who really wears compression socks and stockings? If you’re like many, you probably think they’re for the sick, the elderly, or someone who recently had surgery. But did you know most anyone could benefit from wearing compression?

As the founder of RejuvaHealth, I’m often asked and challenged on this topic by those who ask me what I do. When I tell them about our line of fashionable compression stockings, I commonly hear: “I’m healthy so I don’t need compression.” “I think my grandma wears those so I definitely don’t need them.” “I know someone who had to wear compression  - but they had a medical procedure so I’m different.”

Did you know compression legwear actually comes in a variety of support levels for just that purpose? While some versions offer firm support designed specifically for therapeutic uses, light support variations are actually designed for preventative & general lifestyle applications – think travel, pregnancy, varicose veins, spider veins & more. 

By hugging the legs with gradually lessening compression (specifically tightest at the ankle & looser above), compression socks help your legs do what they should be doing naturally - move blood upwards from the extremities and to the heart.  

It sounds simple – but that’s the beauty of it. Unlike an invasive procedure or risky oral medication, elastic compression garments offer a holistic remedy for the common achiness, heaviness, and fatigue that can accompany a busy daily routine. 
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