Natural Remedies for Improving Leg Circulation

Natural Remedies for Improving Leg Circulation

Natural Remedies for Improving Leg Circulation


Sitting down or standing for long periods of time can cause a loss of leg circulation and affect the nerve endings in that general area. Your body is naturally fighting gravity to pump the blood all the way back up to your heart from your feet and legs. For those who sit or stand most of the day for work, you are probably all too familiar with the heavy, tired, aching or sore feeling you get in your legs and feet. This is caused by the lack of circulation and blood pooling in your lower extremities. To prevent any serious medical issues from arising, compression legwear is always a good option. But, if you don’t want to be confined to anything for the sole purpose of prevention, there are a few other options to improve your circulation that are simple and easy to incorporate into your daily routine. 


Pretty obvious, right? Mmm hm. Get up early before work and take in the beautiful day that’s ahead of you by going on a small run or walk, or getting in a quick yoga session. Not a morning person? That's fine! Schedule a workout class after work or get in your late afternoon run. Believe me, you will feel so much better about yourself mentally and physically, making your day that much better



While stretching may already be a part of your exercise routine (and it should), incorporating just a few minutes of stretching daily helps boost circulation. Regular stretching also helps your muscles recover from exercise, prevent injury and provide better flexibility so you can work harder during your next workout. Stretching is something you can easily add to your schedule. Spend just five to ten minutes every morning or at night before bed stretching. 



Two words: Butcher’s Broom. I know what you’re thinking--Halloween’s over, right? Yes, it is…but this is no joke. The herb Ruscus Aculeatus, taken three times a day, can be just as effective as prescription medication without any of the side effects. Herb-a-liscious!


Supplements and Food

Getting in the right vitamins and nutrients not only offers a variety of other helaht benefits, but can also help improve circulation. Try taking vitamins C and E along with an anti-oxidant. They specifically help to reduce the symptoms of poor circulation throughout the legs. 

Not too fond of taking a vitamin? Head to the farmers market and pick up fresh peppers, broccoli, strawberries, nuts, blueberries, and beans! Definitely a random list, but with a few additional ingredients you can really turn things around!  

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