That's So Trendy: A Forecaster's Prediction into the Trends of Spring 2013

That's So Trendy: A Forecaster's Prediction into the Trends of Spring 2013

That's So Trendy: A Forecaster's Prediction into the Trends of Spring 2013

RAWR’ing 20s

With the biggest hyped movie of 2013, The Great Gatsby, coming out in May, there’s no doubt that people will gain inspiration from the movie’s impeccable costume design.  It was the golden age full of money and rebellion– a time when embellishments were plentiful, the bob was the “bee’s knees” and shoes were designed specifically for dancing.  Whether it’s a simple hair style or a red carpet dress, we foresee this flapper-style glamour making a comeback in full force.

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Sneakers? Sneakers. SNEAKERS!

If you’re one of those people that try really hard not to care, then the sneaker trend is something you’ll catch on to quickly.  At first glance (maybe even second glance), it looks as if the outfit is undone, but definitely by the third glance (okay, maybe the fourth), this look becomes quite appealing and peculiarly comical.  It’s the ultimate comfort shoe worn out of context…and we’re completely okay with it.


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A Hairy Situation

In 2012, many became victim of the ombre revolt.  This year, trendsetters are attempting a more unconventional look – pastels.  Whether it’s an all-over color or a few streaks, this trend is a little girls dream and a parent’s worst nightmare.  It’s definitely not something everyone can pull off, especially if you want to remain employed – although, if you’re willing to “go there”, we definitely tip our hats and commend you for your bold bravery.


ATTEMPT THE TREND: Match the color with the pantyhose.

Nail Biter

Unless you’re Picasso, ambidextrous and extremely (extremely) patient, this one’s going to require some help – nail art.  It’s become the subtlest attempt at appearing fashion forward without having to go to the extreme of dying your hair purple.  So if you’re exceedingly detail-oriented or have way too much time on your hands –no pun intended—go the extra mile at perfectly accessorizing your look from head to toe. 

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